Meet Our Team

(in alphabetical order by first names)

Our members come from all over the world, including U.S., China, U.K. and Korea. We host activities online and collaborate with local clubs.  Some of our activities will include: monthly writing challenges, online certamen and exhibition of classics-related artworks. 

The name of our classical magazine, Vita, came from a line "dum vita est, spes est,” which means “while there’s life, there is hope.” It turned out to be an adapted version from Cicero's and Terence's quotes. "Vita" conveys our purpose, that, although Greek and Latin are often considered “dead languages,” as long as we pass on the rich cultures, they will continue to spark art and humanity. 

Haynes Abram

Research Department Managing Editor
Abram Haynes is a student in Nashville, Tennessee. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, reading, history, and occasionally acting – emphasis on occasionally. He’s deeply in love with Seattle, which he’s visited only once, and his favorite song is “Home,” by LCD Soundsystem. He recommends a listen, if you’re ever bored.

Zheng Ashley

Ashley Zheng is from Hefei, China, and is now a junior at Culver Academies, IN. She enjoys learning Latin and everything related to the classical world. She hopes to create Vita as a platform for like-minded students to share their works, exchange information and make more friends. In her spare time, she likes to write poetry, play the harp and pray to squirrels.

Minshew Ava

Creative Writing Editor
Ava lives in Boise Idaho. Though she has tried out a variety of things in life, writing has always been her main passion. She loves reading and Greco-Roman literature.

Chan Bianca

Research Department Managing Editor
Bianca Chan is a high school student in North Carolina. She loves to learn about classical literature and culture, especially Greco-Roman history. She is particularly passionate about studying Latin and enjoys translating works written by Vergil and Ovid. In her free time, Bianca likes to paint and make jewelry.

Sterne Eleanor

Research & Creative Writing Editor
Eleanor is a sophomore from Atlanta. She loves to listen and create music. She enjoys reading, writing and learning about the cultures from Antiquity.

Wang Elena

Research Paper Editor
Elena Wang is an A-level student in Cambridge. She takes classical civilization at school and loves to read Greek tragedies. Recently, she researched and wrote about the motif of fate and incest in Oedipus the King and Thunderstorm.

Khym Emily

Creative Writing Department Director
Emily Khym is a senior at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT. She often finds parks to scribble poetry in her journal. Aside from writing, she enjoys running, playing the flute, listening to music, and discovering cities that she travels to.

Brignall Emma

Translation Department Director
Emma Brignall is a senior at Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts. She loves classics and creative writing, and at school she runs two clubs focused on these interests. She's enjoyed Latin since she started taking it in freshman year, and last year she scored a five on the AP Latin exam. Outside of these activities, she loves reading, studying Mandarin, and traveling.

Henderson Emma

Emma is from Louisville, Kentucky. She enjoys reading, writing, running, and true crime. She loves studying comparative mythology, but she'll always have a soft spot for Greco-Roman culture. Her favorite book is either The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (always a tear-jerker) or Stephen King's Carrie.

Dandel Eva

Creative Writing Department Director
Eva Dandel is from Dana Point, Orange County California. She loves to run, play tennis, paint acrylics, read, and write fiction. Her interest in classics was sparked by D'aulaires book of Greek myths.

Moore Gracie

Research Department Director
Gracie Moore is a rising senior. She likes to wrap herself in a fuzzy sweater, make coffee, and crochet while she watches old movies or reads decaying paperbacks. Therefore, she calls herself “the grandmother of my friend group.” She loves reading and writing. Some of her favorite authors include: Virginia Woolf, C.S. Lewis, Marcus Zusak, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Neil Gaiman.

Oh Hayden

Creative Writing Editor
Hayden is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado and writes poetry and fiction. She aspires to have a career in publishing or journalism. In her free time when she is not writing or reading, she enjoys playing sports, listening to Lana Del Rey, scrolling through Pinterest, and spending time with her friends. Her favorite book/movie is “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides, her favorite poet is Sylvia Plath, and her favorite tv show is Gilmore Girls!

Zhao Jackie

Creative Writing Department Director
Jackie Zhao is a rising senior in the UK. She has been learning Latin and English since 6 grade and always had a continuous interest with creative writing and poetry. She is also passionate for the classical arts, especially Greek sculptures. Besides academics, she enjoys doing sports such as swimming, fencing and squash.

Jung Jamie

Social Media Department Director
Jamie Jung is a rising junior at the Orange County School of the Arts. She enjoys reading books and watching movies from all over the world. She is currently learning American Sign Language with hopes of becoming a polyglot.

Kim Jamie

Creative Writing Editor
Jamie Kim is a junior at Eastern Christian High School in New Jersey. She spends most of her time in her room with her dog or at Barnes and Nobles, and when she is not writing, she enjoys tennis, guitar, listening to Phoebe Bridgers, and making pinterest boards. Some of Jamie's favorite authors are Madeline Miller, V.E. Shwab, and John Keats.

Geng Jiaying

Research & Creative Writing Editor
Jiaying is a student in Dulwich College Beijing. She enjoys writing short stories, drawing, and reading cryptic poetry. She owns a dog (whom she loves), and gets her best ideas in math class.

Koen Kacie

Creative Writing Department Director
Kacie Koen is a playwright and an academic writer from Hot Springs, Arkansas. My primary interests are writing, working in local theatres, participating in local arts organizations, and playing board games. She also enjoys studying Latin and history.

Feng Leah

Research & Creative Writing Editor
Leah Feng is a sophomore from Texas. Having studied 4 years of Latin, they love mythology and etymology. They have served one year as senior editor in chief in an arts magazine and one year as a yearbook editor.

Halberstam Max

Translation Department Managing Editor
Max Halberstam is a junior at University School, a preppy private school in North-East Ohio. When he is not writing (most of the time) and trying to be George Saunders (unhealthy), Max enjoys discussing literature with anyone in his near vicinity. He lives by the adage “less is more,” and that is all.

Sawhney Samantha

Non-Mediterranean Department Director
Samantha is a junior at Sacred Heart Greenwich in Connecticut. In addition to Latin, she studies Biblical Hebrew and Sanskrit with a focus on comparative religious studies. In her free time, she enjoys listening to records and reading novels.

Chen Xiaoyou

Research Department Director
Xiaoyou (Lucy) Chen is from Shanghai, China. She studies in Trinity Preparatory School in Orlando and has been participating in its Latin club for 4 years. In her spare time, she plays the violin and the piano.